Virat Kohli conquers the tight-schedule “No Issues at all”

The Indian skipper Virat Kohli had an all-out honest press conversation regarding various issues. The workload issue that is mainly haunting Indian and World cricket with players urging for leave on injury ground and “mental-health” ground as well. This is shocking! A sportsperson playing the sports he/she loves most is suffering mentally out of the same sport. A decade back, this would have been unimaginable. The no. of ICC and Premiere Leagues going around could be the factor, but that for some other day.

During recent times, including the ODI series against the BlackCaps, it was there to see for everybody with open eyes, the workload had taken a toll out of the players. While few could sustain it and others (Bhumrah, Bhubaneshwar, Hardik, Chahar, Dhawan, etc) including Rohit Sharma fell for it. With the ICC T20 World Cup coming, who will be on the receiving end? Ourselves.

Virat Kohli on the workload issue


“Look it’s not a conversation that is to hide away from in any manner,” Kohli said. “I think it’s been eight or nine years that I have been playing almost 300 days a year with the traveling and practice sessions. And the intensity is right up there all the time. So it does take a toll on you. I am not saying that it’s not something the players are not thinking about.”

Virat Kohli on his future

“You are going to see a lot of that in the future of many players. Not just myself, especially from the guys who are playing all three formats. It’s not that easy. Then being captain and having intensity in practice session and discussing the game, so it does take a toll on you. So I am not in that space at the moment. So periodic breaks for me seems to work pretty okay. At a time when the body doesn’t respond as well, maybe when I am 34-35, you might have a different conversation at that stage.

injury concerns haunt Virat Kohli

“But for the next 2-3 years, I have no issues at all. Can keep going on with the same intensity and I also understand that the team wants a lot of my contribution in the next 2-3 years so that we can ease into another transition phase that we faced some 5-6 years ago. So the mindset is on the larger picture, and from that point, I am preparing myself for a rigorous three years from now. And then after that, we might have a different conversation.”

Virat Kohli on his vision

“I think Test Championship, as an ICC tournament should be right up there. All the other tournaments, for me, start under that. This is going to be the biggest of them all. And every team wants to make it to the final at Lord’s. And we are not any different. We want those points and make sure that we qualify as early as soon as we can and be in that frame of mind to hopefully win that.”

Virat Kohli on ‘Why Red is the best?’


“In white-ball cricket, you can try to do too much, but when you come into red-ball cricket you fall into the discipline mold of batting, which, obviously, suits him much more at this stage. Prithvi is a talented player, so he has his own game and we want him to follow his instincts and play the way he does. Look, these guys have no baggage. These guys are not desperate to perform here in any manner or they don’t have any nerves in wanting to do well overseas because they haven’t done well in the past or something like that. I think with a clear head, as Mayank played in Australia, hopefully, Prithvi can do the same in New Zealand and Mayank can carry forward that as well. A bunch of new guys, they play with a lot of fearlessness and something that can motivate the whole team and give us the starts that we want and not be intimidated by the opposition in any manner.”

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