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Forms and Rules of Cricket

Forms of Cricket: The following are the forms of Cricket that evolved during the course of timeTest CricketOne Day Internationals (Initially 60 overs and gradually decreased to 50 overs)1. Day match2. Day-Night matchTwenty-Twenty Rules: The players should not damage the…


Rules n regulations of cricket

Objective Cricket is a global sport which has become popular since its played for the first time in the 16th century. Many cricketers and ardent supporters will describe the Cricket World Cup as the international game’s highlight. Nonetheless, the Test…


42 laws of Cricket

The Laws of Cricket were first introduced in 1774 to preserve the spirit of play. MCC maintains copyright in keeping with the Cricket laws and includes authorisation before reproducing it. The following is the Laws List Summary. Law 1 :…


General Rules of Cricket

There will be 11 players in each team apart from extra players. There can be up to 5 replacements at first class & international level to be the 12th man. There would be only one in lower levels (e.g. ECB…

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