How to Grip a cricket bat for Beginners

Cricket is a sport that requires a lot of skills and techniques. One of the most important skills in cricket is the ability to grip the bat correctly. A good grip on the bat can help you generate more power and control while playing shots. In this article, we will discuss how to grip a cricket bat for beginners.

Step 1: Choose the Right Bat

Before you start gripping the bat, it is important to choose the right bat for yourself. The size and weight of the bat should be according to your height and strength. A bat that is too heavy or too light can affect your grip and batting technique.

Step 2: Place the Bat in Your Non-Dominant Hand

Once you have chosen the right bat, hold it with your non-dominant hand (left hand for right-handed batsmen and vice versa) at the top of the handle. Make sure that the blade of the bat is facing towards the ground.

Step 3: Grip the Bat with Your Dominant Hand

Now, place your dominant hand (right hand for right-handed batsmen and vice versa) on the handle just below your non-dominant hand. Your fingers should be wrapped around the handle and your palm should be facing downwards.

Step 4: V-Shaped Grip

To get a good grip on the bat, create a V-shape between your thumb and index finger of your dominant hand. This V-shape should be pointing towards the shoulder of the bat.

Step 5: Secure the Bat with Your Fingers

Next, secure the bat with your remaining fingers by wrapping them around the handle. Your little finger should overlap your non-dominant hand.

Step 6: Check Your Grip

Check your grip by holding the bat up in front of you. The bat should be parallel to the ground and your fingers should be comfortably wrapped around the handle. You should be able to move your wrists freely.

Step 7: Adjust Your Grip

If your grip feels uncomfortable or too loose, adjust it by sliding your hands up or down the handle. You can also adjust the angle of your V-shaped grip to get a better hold on the bat.

Step 8: Practice

Practice gripping the bat regularly to get used to the technique. The more you practice, the more comfortable and natural your grip will become.


A good grip on the cricket bat is essential for every batsman. By following the above steps, beginners can learn how to grip the bat correctly. Remember to choose the right bat size and practice your grip regularly to improve your batting technique.

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