Forms and Rules of Cricket

Forms of Cricket:

The following are the forms of Cricket that evolved during the course of time
Test Cricket
One Day Internationals (Initially 60 overs and gradually decreased to 50 overs)
1. Day match
2. Day-Night match


The players should not damage the pitch and will be fined if they damage it.
The umpire decision (On filed umpire or the third umpire) is final and no player is allowed to cross-examine the umpire’s decision.
Players are not allowed to damage the ball when their team is bowling.
The innings should be completed within the time frame and players will not be entitled to exceed the time for a particular inning.
When the bowler bowls a no-ball (Leg crossing the crease line) then a free hit is allowed where only run out is possible.
In the early days, when a no-ball is bowled, an extra delivery will be bowled for the batting team. Now it’s changed to a free-hit concept
The following are the ways in which a bowler can take a wicket or a batsman can be dismissed:
1. Bowled
2. LBW (Leg before wicket)
3. Run out
4. Stumped
5. Caught
6. Hit wicket
Even if the next batsman coming to the crease takes a little bit of extra time, then the batsman is declared as out.

Cricket Tournaments:

The following are the tournaments commence in Cricket
One-day international world cup – Played every four years with 8 to 12 countries
ICC Champions Trophy
Twenty-Twenty world cup
Triangular series – Played between three nations
Sharjah cup
Asia Cup – Played between the Asian teams
Natwest Series
Ashes Series – Played between England and Australia

Important days in the history of Cricket

The first official international match was played between Canada and the United States in the year 1844
The first match played at The Oval paled in the year 1845
Wicket-keeping gloves were first used in the year 1850
The first Test match was played between Australia and England in the year 1877. Australia beat England by 45 runs in Melbourne.
India’s first Test match in the year 1932
The first one-day international played between Australia and England at Melbourne in the year 1971
First World Cup was in the year 1975
First women’s match at Lord’s played between England and Australia in the year 1976
India won the world cup in the year 1983 and 2011

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