Cricket needs to resume but How can we roll again?

Cricket can’t stay out for long, it needs to resume at some point. How’s and why’s will follow. But we gotta stay tight, finger crossed, and hope it would flourish again.

On a recent Interview: Virat Kohli acknowledged that there is a possibility of sport resuming in the post-COVID-19 world without fans at stadiums but said it will be difficult to recreate the magical moments without supporters. Virat Kohli, who more often than not engages with the crowd in high-intensity situations, said he doesn’t know how players will react to lack of fans and the atmosphere at the cricket stadiums in the near future.

“We will play the sport how it’s supposed to be played but those magical moments would be very difficult to come by”

a literally confused Kohli said.

Cricket is made by spectators. But at this point, it seems impossible to organize one with a live audience. So Here’s an Idea.

@BCCI @StarSportsIndia @imVkohli @SGanguly99 Are you Listening? 

First things first. We gotta start at some point right? Now or tomorrow, yes a healthy tomorrow- the Golden Hope, but God forbid if things don’t go out as planned we are going to lose the time and hope, both. So let IPL kickstart Cricket. Where else than India, to start Cricket, again.

What can we do then? How can IPL start?


Let’s organize IPL in 2 stadiums (selected based on less #COVID2019india cases). This the board needs to sort out with respective states. The next step is to divide the 8 teams 4 each into 2 groups, and a place for each group is to be allocated. They will play out their matches (within-group) and then shift to the other place to complete their matches. Say A, B, C, D is Group A, and E, F, G, H is Group B, two groups at 2 different stadiums. Group A and B will finish their quota of 2 matches with each other. Then comes the fun part, Group A will travel and play out with Group B members one match a-piece and later Group B will travel and playout one match apiece with Group A members. 

  • Travel for a team- only twice (round trip). 
  • Fewer resources and fun is maintained. 
  • The IPL remains the same. No match deduction or anything. 

Comes the Qualifiers/Eliminators or Knockouts- 

All knockouts to be played at 1 place. 

Now the fascinating part. The idea of the idea. 

The donut in the donut’s hole. 

Nobody seems interested in playing in an empty stadium or without the crazy sound of cheers or boos. For that let @DisneyPlusHS create a tech wherein audiences can cheer throughout the match, live using their front cam. Possible, the tech will be zoom like. Come on, Indians are jugadu anyway. Why not ask them to create one, with a warning no nude ads. 

How to show the cheers to the players? 

Let big screens be fit in the stadiums and using a projector show the live audience and their cheers and boos are amplified thereby creating a live audience for the players. Should I say, the projector needs to be from behind, or as tech permits. But, The big screen can not be LED, for the ball will smash the hell out of it and Star’s pockets too😃. But, it should instead be an old-school one, of cloth. 

The curious part: IPL with or without foreign players?

IPL without foreign players losses it’s ‘P’ which stands for Premiership. So without them, the real fun will be missed. But, this is beyond the board and is only possible if GOI and other Countries’ Government permits them. God its gonna be a festival. Given, they are allowed, they should be asked to travel without their crew or family. Will they? 

This the BCCI should tackle. 

If we could come this far. We made it! 

Let’s imagine what it could do. The matches, the fun, the online cheers and boos, the players will react, they will jump and pose, ow sweet Lord. The commercialization part- Star Sports and telecoms know better. 

But with it, Cricket will be live, again. With real fans cheering and booing. Yes online. But, we gonna witness those miracles again.

Do let know what you feel about it, fill the comment section. Share it if you feel the idea is Good and would work. Thank You!

Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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