Benjamin: The 8000 Mile Cricket Journey

Aaron William Benjamin Cricketer and Author of the book “Benjamin: The 8000 Mile Cricket Journey” has recently published his autobiography on Amazon UK.

Aaron William Benjamin is a fast bowler for the UAE cricket team. On top of that he recently has been involved in writing his own autobiography. Using this valuable time during the quarantine he has been able to excel at both his cricket skills as well as his passion for writing. His book is interesting, and it was wonderful to see the likes of an associate cricketer of just the age of 19 testing new waters like this.

As he looks to succeed in the UAE as a cricketer but is also now a published author on

Benjamin: The 8000 Mile Cricket Journey 1

Here are the words on back cover of the book – Ever wondered what it’s like to play international cricket for not only 1, but 2 countries? Why not ask me? One of the only cricketers to have done it by the age of 17. Aaron William Benjamin shines a light on his world of cricket, the Associate world. Through stories from his still young career, he provides us with an understanding of what it takes to reach the top, and then have to do it all over again, but this time, in a different country. Benjamin: The 8000 Mile Cricket Journey, is an inspiring, insightful and personal view into the life of a young International cricketer exploring new horizons.

Managing to find success everywhere he goes, he is just blessed to have such opportunities and hopes to have more in the future.

Instagram: @aaron_willbenjamin
Autobiography link:

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